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Cleaning Party

With Yacht Brite and Shurhold products

Ahh, summer - the season of tan lines, grilled hot dogs, umbrella drinks and, most importantly, parties on your Sea Ray. But all that merriment also means plenty of clean up, both in pre-party preparation and post-party recovery, to keep your boat in summer-worthy shape. These simple cleaning regimens will keep your Sea Ray shining, no matter how many all-nighters you pull.

It's Friday at five o'clock, and all you can think about is stepping aboard your Sea Ray, refreshment in hand. Dodging traffic with the skills only pure boat-loving desperation can provide, you race to the dock in hopes of having time to touch up your Sea Ray before your guests descend. Relax! With the right products from Yacht Brite and Shurhold, your boat can be party-ready in no time.

Begin your in-a-pinch cleaning regimen by hosing down the boat. This will remove loose dirt, as well as anything that might scratch your Sea Ray during cleaning. Follow with a quick mopping using the Shurhold Magic Wand, a multi-purpose cleaning tool featuring a telescoping handle and multiple heads. Shur-lok technology allows you to change the heads - mop, squeegee, boat hook and hammerhead brush - in a snap, literally.

Tackle smudges with Serious Shine from Yacht Brite, a one-step "quick detailer" that cleans, polishes and protects virtually any solid surface on your boat. It's safe for your helm and electronics, as well. Just spray and wipe... that's it. Then, use a chamois to dry and buff the windows, and wipe the kitchen area and cockpit surfaces with a damp cloth. Let air dry while you crank the tunes (and the blender) and start mixing those margaritas.

The After Party

There's nothing like waking up after a night spent on your Sea Ray: The sun's ablaze, the birds are chirping, the water's calm - and your deck is covered in plastic cups, shrimp tails and lime wedges. But in the time it takes to brew your coffee, you can have your boat shining like the sun.

Clear trash, and then arm yourself with a bottle of Yacht Brite's Serious Marine Cleaner in one hand and a Shurhold wash mitt on the other. Serious Marine Cleaner is a multi-surface, spray-on cleaner strong enough to clean the bilge and gentle enough to tackle carpets, taking care of all your "serious" cleaning needs. Less is truly more with Serious Marine Cleaner, so use sparingly. And now that last night's party is less of a nagging mess and more of a happy memory, kick back on your spotless Sea Ray and let the morning rays and java do their job.

Shurhold Quick Tip:

Use a Soft 'N' Thirsty mop to dry down a quick rinse. For heavier cleaning, swap the mop for the #960 soft brush and use Brite Wash by Yacht Brite.

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