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An Aftermarket Checklist for Active Boaters

Finally, a Gadget That Will Keep You Connected on Your Boating Adventures

Charles Marine's CellSocket is a cradle/charger for your cell phone that transforms your phone into an additional telephone line. Plug this baby into your existing phone system and take your call from any handset nearby. You'll never have to hunt through your pockets or miss a call again! And you can connect it to most marine antennas - ensuring that you'll hear a voice at the end of the line. Take advantage of your low cost cellular service plans and night and weekend minutes from your land line. Available for $139.90, CellSocket is compatible with 12 Motorola phone models. Adapters for other phones available soon.

When Planning a Trip, Add a Simple Life-Saving Device to Your Safety Gear

The Samaritan AED (automated external defibrillator) from Charles Marine is a portable, lightweight (4.2 pounds), water-resistant unit designed for individuals with little or no medical training. Nearly 300,000 people die from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) each year, most before reaching a hospital. Boating is exciting, but if someone experiences SCA, help may be too far away... until now. Operation of the unit is easy, thanks to clear and concise voice and text prompts as well as a large message display to guide the first responder.

Safe, Reliable and Consistent Power

Power can vary from dock to dock, wreaking havoc on expensive onboard equipment. Charles Isolation Transformers protect boats from a host of shore-side power nemeses such as galvanic corrosion, fluctuations in power, and noise and polarity problems. The IsoBoost function pumps up power so that equipment gets enough voltage to operate properly. Transformers are available in 30-, 50- and 100-amp models, 120/240 VAC.

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